Shanon Waters – Man in the Mirror with Dave Melosh @ Medusa studios


Acoustic Wedding Bells

Music traverses the gap between our experiences to connect us, to allow us to share in each others’ journey and discover the emotional connections and significance in the lives around us. I would be honored to perform at your wedding, contributing to the creation of memories that will last into eternity. This most special of days where two become one, uniting in a life lived together and for one another demands the expertise and musicianship that only a seasoned and adaptable musician can offer. Music transcends time, transporting us to those moments which will remain forever¬†with us. Follow this link to my wedding page.


The beauty about being an unsigned yet active artist is that you have nothing dictating the parameters of the final product. When signing will take place, however, the resources and exposure will outweigh the cons…but I will always hold true to my honest and transparent song production. Self expression only works when it’s from the true self.