Live Acoustics in The Swamp

Transitioning from Down Under to The Swamp isn’t exactly like moving down the road. To establish networks within the local and regional live music community and to develop regular and feature bookings requires more of a following and a presence than I may have first anticipated. I am learning everyday though, about the stark differences in this new scene. I am very impressed by the presence and quality of live music in Gainesville, and am excited for the opportunities presented within the area. Patience is definitely playing a key role in my pursuits.

For now, performing, networking and collaborating at various open mic nights seem to represent the highlights of my live music pursuits… but only for the moment.


The beauty about being an unsigned yet active artist is that you have nothing dictating the parameters of the final product. When signing will take place, however, the resources and exposure will outweigh the cons…but I will always hold true to my honest and transparent song production. Self expression only works when it’s from the true self.