The beauty about being an unsigned yet active artist is that you have nothing dictating the parameters of the final product. When signing will take place, however, the resources and exposure will outweigh the cons… but I will always hold true to my honest and transparent song production. Self expression only works when it’s from the true self.

Shanon Waters – Guitar Excerpts – Covers

These excerpts showcase my versatility when performing covers. As a musician who plays by ear, I adapt my covers to the vibes of the crowd, the requests of the venue or the creativity of the moment. Check out my other videos for more earcandy

Shanon Waters – Guitar excerpts – oiginals

This video is intended to give listeners a sample of a typical acoustic gig, recorded using my Digitech Jamman. I perform a range of covers and originals specifically catered to the requests of the venue, the vibes of the crowd, or the creativity of the moment.